"The Architectural Foundations of Communication in Human Equity: A University Classroom Center for Dialogic Learning"

arc 4546 arch design IV-A
monson topical studio fall Y2k3

college of architecture
mississippi state university

Oct 2, 2003
Introduction to Project

This studio project works to build a public discourse about the needs of humans through architecture. Using the theory of dialogic communication, the studio will build a design methodology from which an ethically-bound architecture can emerge which supports social justice and human equality. Based on the humun perception of  "apparent space" induced by form, architecture can be said to communicate   "dialogically"; a notion which offers a potential methodology  to make ethical judgements about the discourse that is evident in architectural design. After developing this methodology, it will be demonstrated through the design of a University Classroom Center for Dialogic Learning; a campus building supporting the integrative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative instructional pedagogy called problem-based learning (PBL) - thus "A Building for Dialogue."

Though the project program incorporates a fully diverse community, its contentis not specially about readdressing needs. Instead, it is about a design methodology of dialogical communication from which an ethically-bound architecture can emerge which supports social justice, democracy, and human equity.
The users of this building represent the broad academic community, as well as the local and regional population. Human diversity is central to our site. In short, this work hopes to create a new-and-better trajectory for architectural education and practice.


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